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21 gum salute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here in the "good ol' u-s of a," blood-thirsty marketers & advertisers find a way to merchandise everything - & war is the biggest product of all. & some people just can't get enough. addicted to war. addicted to god. addicted to money. addicted to extremes. addicted to addiction! even the very notion of pain has been made consumable for kids. so - before all our asses are nuked in the name of being "united" - here's a fun li'l idea that just might unite you & 20 of yr friends & relatives, while there's still time!:

chew on the economy by purchasing a can of ouch! brand bubblegum. each can contains 21 sticks of bubblegum designed to look like an adhesive bandage. & the collectible can is great for storing all kinds of small stuff, like yr fingers, toes - even yr eyeballs! simply write the address of the white house on each individual bubblegum wrapper, affix a postcard-rate stamp & mail to:

george w. "i am stuck on band-aids!" bush
the white house
1600 pennsylvania avenue nw
washington, dc 20500
u-s of fuckin' a!

[& tell 'em ray johnson sent ya!]

maybe ol' dumb-ass can blow himself a mean bubble while he attempts to blow up the world!

ouch, motherfucker, ouch!
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